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Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Dragon Ball Movie Actors but Still No Trailer

Keeping everyone up to date with the upcoming Dragon Ball movie that comes out in August.. here are some more actors confirmed last month for the movie; still no trailer yet though.

Grandpa Gohan - Randall Duk Kim
Carey Fuller - Texas Battle
Emi - Shavon Kirksey
Agundas - Richard Blake

Ernie Hudson- Popo?

Other than Grandpa Gohan and Popo, I don't even know these characters. It appears that this movie takes place during the end of the Dragon Ball saga when the young Piccolo appears after King Piccolo dies. One scary thing though is the MovieFone description where they messed up by saying that Goku first love is Chi-Chi and then loves Bulma...which is completely wrong in many accounts and lets hope thats not there or there will be many pissed off DBZ fans. The picture above and more descriptions of the movie can be found here at the official blog.

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