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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Dragon Ball Series! Dragon Ball Super

Yep, it's official, a New Dragon Ball series is on the way and will be airing this July in Japan!

Dragon Ball's last series, Dragon Ball GT, ended in Japan over 18 years ago!  At around that time, Dragon Ball Z was first airing here in the US on cable stations and soon on the then newly created Toonami block on Cartoon Network. Oddly, there was also an English dub of the Dragon Ball GT Final Bout game for the Playstation 1 briefly available during the initial US airing.  That game was actually my first exposure to the Dragon Ball franchise.  I would visit a friend of mine, Tiago, who owned the game, whom later went on to work at Cartoon Network.  We would play Final Bout, Final Fantasy VII and the game Bust a Groove since I was a pure Nintendo fan boy at the time and didn't own a PS1.  It was those three games as well as being introduced to Toonami by Tiago that helped me become an anime fan.  What I'm saying is that, like many of you, Dragon Ball Z was what made us anime fans and this news, though not surprising considering the success of the two DBZ movies and the truncated/edited DBZ Kai series, is so awesome to hear.

Dragon Ball GT, though the last series true series, wasn't made by the series creator Akira Toryama. For years, fans wanted a new post GT series; usually in the form of the fan-made Dragon Ball AF...which in my opinion is worse than the worst even GT ever came up with.  (An SSJ 6 grey haired Goku? wat?.please.. no).  

Back in 2013, with the creation of the Battle Of Gods movie by Arika Toriyama, the entire GT series became defunct. (BoG Spoilers)  Not only ending with the creation of a new type of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God...but also hinting how there are now many universes with Beerus being the most powerful in our Universe and Whis, who's even more powerful, not even from this universe.  This left the series open ended and with the release of the Revival of F movie and now this bit of info...it became apparent that the series is truly moving forward. 

As a DBZ fan since 1996... this is amazing news and here's hoping the series will be better than GT was.

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