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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Looking Forward to 2015 with the Goal of More Content & Games

We returned to our Let's Plays after an over 7 month hiatus...caused mainly from the TV we use for Let's plays breaking but also since we took extra time on producing our first game, PikiPop.

As we move on to 2015, our goal is to simply make more content... heck, we've been uploading content since before YouTube existed..so I think it's about time we move to prove that.  Not just going the semi-easy route of Let's Plays but other content as well, like:

-Updates and add-ons to PikiPop
-Back to work on the Tenshi-Oni game
-gameplay footage of our own indie games
-More flash animations from Danielle
-Game music by me and showcasing the other music artists via Anime.fm
-the return of fanart contests of our games and mascots (?)
-video edits, parodies(...and my return to doing flash animation?)
-a return to blogging about anime, games & programming
-vlogs of our anime figure store products

To start our return to Let's Plays and creating YT content... here's the unedited, uncut footage of our recent BioShock Infinite Let's Play live feed from yesterday.

Do note that this feed is low in quality since it's from the live streaming we did...and I stupidly didn't record it on my computer when we went live ^^;;

Disclaimer: Due to violence, (my dirty mouth) and other mature themes of this game...this long and sometimes boring (IMO) uncut Let's Play is suited for mature viewers.

Hope to have more (and hopefully much better quality) content soon and for 2015.

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