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Monday, September 22, 2014

DeviantArt Shoutouts and the ReAwakening or Our DeviantArt Page

Decided to wake up our long dormant DeviantArt page.


We've had a page on there since DA's beginnings practically but haven't done much updating since I added my original sketch work and Tenshi-Oni concept pics.

Now with PikiPop soon to be released with some work done by me and the fact that I'm back to getting back to being an artist/animator after all these years.... I thought now would be the time to get that back in gear.

In addition to that, I also wanted to make a shoutout to a number of talented artists on Deviant Art, from sprite artists to Tenshi-Oni photo-realistic art, here's some of the artists I follow and would advise you do as well:




The artist responsible for much of the art here on Chuck's Anime Shrine, Anime.FM and behind our game, Tenshi-Oni

kawacy: http://kawacy.deviantart.com/

Does astounding Legend Of Zelda work and others, including the image used as this post's header

kr0npr1nz:  http://kr0npr1nz.deviantart.com/

Russian artist who does amazing anime, game and movie art

ekurepu: http://ekurepu.deviantart.com/

Very talented sprite artist.  Created this sprite animation of Kill La Kill's Matoi

Carlos Quevedo: http://carlos-quevedo.deviantart.com/ 

Simply stunning photo manipulation imagery.  Some of his photos/art look like something out of an anime.  would go to him if I needed live actors to be in a Tenshi-Oni live still art.

Twilit-Arawen: http://twilit-arawen.deviantart.com/

Creates some wonderful Peach fanart.  We've showcased his work before and can't get enough of it.

Vashperado: http://vashperado.deviantart.com/

This Canadian artist has a great range in his art.  From both the styles and the concepts, you don't know what great piece might come next.

Got any artists you follow?  Want to show off yours?  Leave a link / uploads (if possible) in the comments ^^

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