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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kill La Kill Figures

As some of you might know, today the final episode of Kill La Kill has aired. (don't spoil it for me, I'm still in the early episodes ^^;;)  I thought I'd make a special #figurefriday post, posts I plan on doing more in the future, to mention the newest batch of pre-orders I have added to my newly redesigned anime store.  That, my fellow Kill La Kill fans is the announcement of the newest pre-orders in our crazy awesome series.

Here they are:

There they are, freaken awesome looking as we'd imagine.  Just for reference to anyone new to my site, blog and store, I wanted to again note that we are an official Good Smile Company partnerstore (so NO bootlegs here), and our store section has been around since 2007 ^_^  

Also, something new...we not only let you simply reserve a pre-order, or pay in full before hand via Paypal, Amazon, or credit card (in either the Paypal or amazon payment portal), but we also now let you pay in Bitcoin!  

We've also recently teamed up with the new legit US Good Smile Company wholesaler...
Ultra Tokyo Connect!  They now join the ranks of our other legit anime distributors, like AAAanime, YesAnime, Diamond Comics and others ^_^

Here's some more images of the figures:


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