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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Return of My Anime Figure Store

Back in 2007, I added the anime figure store to the then 5 year old site and it got off to a great start.  It was just when popular (and sadly highly bootlegged) Nendoroid figures, Alter statues & Kotobukiya Bishoujo figures got their beginnings.  The store was loved by fans of dannychoo.com...slowly creeping up the popularity list of anime stores with the likes of hobbystock, Amiami, and others.  The store even got a nod in BusinessWeek and I have always been so humbled by the kind comments people made on myfigurecollection.com and figure.fm.  I have to say, the anime community has some of the best customers and it was sad to see things fall to pieces when Hurricane Sandy hit (details in this previous post).

Life has been hard this past year with things even recently adding insult to injury (ie: our apartment getting flooded this Thanksgiving break)..it's been a slow and arduous step out of the financial and emotional rubble.  With what I had and what I almost accomplished (fully automated store using Fulfilment by Amazon) and now seeing everyone and their dog selling what used to be a more niche product line... link many things in my life, I feel I got there too late or fell off the race tracks due to events out of my control, while I not only fall back in line in said race, but there's now more "racers" amplifying my obscurity & track to regain.

Back in September, a glimmer of hope came in the form of voice acting work.  As of today I got 4 voice jobs with 3 different and large companies; Jack & Jones, World Vision & a hiking shoe company I can't exactly name yet.  Even more recent, I got invited to an anime game audition & got a few roles in an independent anime RPG game.  This success in what at times still seems to be a sea of chaos, dysfunction, bad luck & calamity has kept me going and I'm thankful to say that the gears of possible change have started moving.  Today, Cyber Monday 2013, I announce that my anime store is in fact "back".  It never really left but it was in such shambles that it was better no sales really happened in the interm.  Pre-orders might still have to wait; I know I missed out in providing all of you some amazing figures like the Attack On Titan figures, the Necomimi, mind-activated Cat ears, and the fully replicated Sailor Moon wand... just to name a few.  For now, the inventory in my store will be the older stock that I've had and either couldn't or didn't have the time to list.   As of right now, my ebay store and the main store here reflect what I actually have in stock and can ship out to anyone who wants them.  Granted, at the time of this post, the figures "featured" on the main store's banner are long gone, but if you see a figure in actual store part of the site (and somebody didn't just a few moments ago buy it), it's there.

There's a bunch more to post and I will throughout the x-mas season and beyond continue to list what I have and make offers if I can on the older stock.  Once these items are cleared out, I expect to be back in gear with taking pre-orders.  Thanks to new partnerships with Diamond Comics, YesAnime & Bluefin Distributions, I can provide some really great figures in the future...and hopefully...one day, be back on AAAanime.com's good side.  Anyone from that distributor reading this....I apologize for the pre-orders that were left in limbo; Hurricane Sandy messed things up bad and I want you guys to return with me as I pick up the pieces.

So, welcome anyone who's new and who has been here for a long while.  I plan on updating the look & feel of the store, this blog and the site in general so the goal is to also post all the content I should have been;  I do wish to return to getting games to review, anime to discuss in the podcasts and all the other things that either forgot I was here or simply thought I left.  I'm not gone, and neither is the Tenshi-Oni game nor anime.fm.  I have a rocking Facebook page with over 6K followers and we are only getting started.  Posted some videos onto Youtube with more planned that don't just include cute animals and what might be considered "extended Vies" of daily life.

Heck, even while writing this, I got the first order on the site in the longest time.

So, I wish everyone a happy holidays and it's time to get to work...there's so much to do and I won't let life kick me down, no matter how many times it tries to ^_~

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