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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fan Service Friday 3/22/2013: Sexy Anime Candy Girl

Here's today's #FanServiceFriday pic.

.... (yet another PSA)...

Again, pardon the lack of updates on Tenshi-Oni, the blog and the site in general  ^^;;... been stuck on some crazy web design projects at my day job and been really pushing the search for a new/better day job that''l help me get the time and money to continue my anime figure business and to work on more tangible web/programming/game programming skills.

Good news is, I've been working eyes deep in CSS3 so I plan on upgrading the blog, the site, anime.fm and more as soon as I get some bearing straight...

..oh and let's not forget our newest Game Grumps Animated in the works, and more video game let's plays.

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