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Friday, November 23, 2012

#FanServiceFriday 11/23/2012 : Pixiv Artist KKUEM


Well, Fan Service Friday is back.  Today actually being Black Friday of course...the day us Americans make asses of ourselves by mimicking the Running of the Bulls..except for reasons no more important than saving $50 on an item that will be $100 less in a few months anyways....and the bulls are people...and usually not as smart as the bulls.

It's cold here in New York this time of year but this image by artist KKUEM will give you a glimpse of where you'd rather be this time of year in NY.

Love this artist's work, the tone, color pallet and detail is nothing short of perfection.

Here's a few more sample's of this person's work; visit their page for more pics.

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