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Friday, January 20, 2012

FanService Friday 1/20/12: Nisemonogatari Nadeko


Sorry for the long delay..so here's ..moved into a new apartment and I've been helping in efforts to fight back those terrible bills that could destroy the internet: SOPA, PIPA and maybe a new player, PCIP.  As an anime retailer, I can safely say that piracy is an issue and does hurt sales but nothing like the MPAA, RIAA and others like to make you think is being lost in their content.  More o this issue and hopefully some Tenshi-Oni updates soon as well.

So..for now, enjoy this beautiful photo of Nadeko from the Bakemonogatari sequel, Nisemonogatari.

oh and the Tenshi-Oni Sprite Contest has been extended to a future date (it's not 12/31 anymore..will fix that)..so if you have sprites you want to maybe show up in the game...send away.

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