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Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan Aid, Hatsune Miku Support Edition Nendoroid, Tokyo Pop Letter

It's already been two weeks since the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has greatly affected the lives of everybody in Japan.  The 9.0 earthquake that in a matter of moments shifted the entire Earth on it's axis by a few inches and brought Japan 8 miles closer to the US might be small news now to the news stations here that "advertise" the news instead of broadcasting it...but we anime fans across the world have the people of Japan on our minds daily.  A number of fund raising events are happening just here on Long Island where I live and across the internet we see fans, voice actors and industry giants playing their role in aiding Japan.

Today Good Smile Company announced the creation of a new Miku Hatsune figure, the Hatsune Miku Support Edition Nendoroid.  1000 yen (about $13) from every purchase of this figure will go towards relief efforts to the Japan Red Cross.  What's great is that international customers will be open to purchase this.

On April 8th, be sure to check the link posted before on how to order her from Good Smile directly.  She's scheduled to release in July.  If I am able to get these figures at wholesale to stock in my store, I will donate ALL of the profits from that figure to relief efforts; but of course, this one will probably be best purchased direct from GSC...which I will do as well.

Actually, when these Nendoroids come in, I'll create a blog post where you can submit images of your Hatsune Miku Support Edition Nendoroid to show you supported Japan ^_^

Also, as for the TokyoPop letters to the students of Tagasago.  Around Monday I'll be mailing my letter to them.  I got some great fan art of our mascots from two of the site artists Eefi and Kenneos.  Eei made the picture of Fumi and Lily (pictured above) and Kenneos made this one below of an older Yumi with the theme of Spring will come again."  I'll be mailing prints of these to the students of Tagasago so thanks again Eeefi and Kenneos.  If you have any special images of our mascots you want to send them, I'll take images in until monday when I ship the letter out.

Here's to the full recovery of Japan and we will never forget those lost in this natural tragedy.

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