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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anime Store Checkout Error ^^;;

Seems like late last night either my webhost's server or the internal OsCommerse system that runs my anime store ran into an odd error out of thin air ^^;; (was working fine prior -_-).  For now the checkout system is acting up -_-, nothing regarding personal info and that jazz, just OsCommerse going all Herp Derp on me just because it wanted to.

Been spending all day today debugging the error and I'll have to call it a night before I go crazy @_@ I already see new people signing up in the store daily so if you have any in-stock figures in mind you'd want to purchase, email me and I can set up a Paypal Invoice.  If there are any pre-orders you want to nab, also email me and I'll add you to the pre-order list.

Hopefully this error goes away by the end of the weekend.  For those first viewing my store...this isn't a normal occurrence and I apologize for any inconvenience ^^;;

You can also shop my Amazon or my ebay branch until this is fixed ^^;;

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