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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sailor Moon Returning to the US in September

Sailor Moon fans will rejoice from this bit of news from Kodansha USA Publishing and MTV. For the first time time ever, the Sailor Moon prequel, Sailor V (being re-named as CODENAME: Sailor V) will be available on these shores and the long out-dated print of the Sailor Moon manga will be back in stores in September.  Kodansha USA Publishing got the rights to distribute this anime legend and with Sailor Moon and DBZ being major anime here in america again...it feels like the late 90's again ^^.

With this news, one could speculate that the Sailor Moon anime could be redubbed and the final season (Sailor Stars) can finally be made available (officially) to the US.  If pre-orders become available, I'll add to the store.

(If a redub is done, I'll gladly audition for Tuxedo Mask ^^)

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