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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chuck's Anime Shrine on Otaku In Review

Back on Thursday I had the honor of guest starring on The Otaku Review podcast with Scott Spaziani and one of my biggest anime figure customers, Michael Camacho. Check out the podcast episode here.

We got to talk about upcoming anime episodes, I gave a bit of insight on running the anime figure business and of course, we talked about the current crisis in Japan after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami & nuclear plant issues.  Check out and donate to the Unofficial One Piece Podcast’s 24 hour marathon to benefit Japan or any other way you can help Japan.

One way you can help Japan that might not have been mentioned and I think anime fans could be absolutely fine with is.. to buy more anime and anime figures.  The next priority after food, water and money Japan needs, a to bring business and the work day back to normal.  There is an intense sense of uncertainty amongst the people and most just want normalcy to return.  For maybe the next few months...completely stop any anime pirating/torrenting you might be doing, pre-order anime figures and merchandise.  Give Japanese companies that boost they need in money and moral.  I'm not saying buy from me, I don't care if you buy from me or the many other great anime retailers out there but don't add insult to injury by pirating upcoming anime.  I completely understand the whole licensing BS that goes on with some titles but the best way to help Japan is to give them the funds to fill their grocery shelves and to fill you shelves with anime DVDs, manga and anime figures.

Thanks again Scott and Michael for inviting me.  Check them out on twitter via @ScottSpaziani, @GNitro@Otakuinreview

Check out OtakuInReview and Michael's site, TheOtakuGamer.

Soon you'll see this in the podcast/voice acting page as well.

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