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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Just wanting to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day ^_^  I know some of you might not have a Valentine but cheer up.  Maybe there's an anime girl or guy you have a crush on; don't lose that feeling and keep the anime hobby going because one day, you may not be "forever alone" (unless you want to be).

Danielle and I were going to continue our Valentine's Day tradition of having all you can eat sushi at Sushi Park here on Long Island....but to our horrible surprise....the place is gone :-(  Yet another terrible realization of how pathetic Long Island has become. Don't let popular babel fool you; this area is like Detroit but in 100% complete denial that there is a problem with high cost of living, falling businesses and public workers stealing the life out of the youth who are just trying to get by.  High property taxes and fat cow typical bratty American customers are probably what brought the place down (Yelp commentors for the place are going to feel my wrath!! -_-)

Anyways, don't need to make this a negative post, but Sushi Park was where I proposed to Danielle so it's a heartbreak on this a day to give thanks to having a relationship.  Still, there are more important things in life but a better place to life for Danielle and my future family is a reality that will have to be dealt with..and what looks to be a fantasy for this Wrong Island we live on. 

If you are alone on this day; don't sweat it, at least feel comfort that there are others out there just like you and thus you are not alone.  For those of us in a relationship, don't let the little things get in the way of what is most important and remember a good relationship is meant to out live many aspects of our lives we might have thought were going to stay (like our favorite sushi restaurant -_-).  So always be humble and thankful and never think you've already lived your best days.

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