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Friday, November 26, 2010

Anime Figure Black Friday Promotion

Ok, we are probably all tired of hearing about the Black Friday deals.  Many of you by now probably are sleeping from a 2:00am until 2:00pm dear-god-why-do-I-work-at-this-job shift...or soon some of you might be going in late to clean up the unholy mess left by the Black Friday zombies.

You come home, browse for anime figures online, in hopes to maybe find a similar deal that you were catering to the unruly, ungrateful Black Friday customers, only to find that a certain anime store won't cater to an American shopping holiday like today.  I mean,"when do gaijin ever order anime figures?" am I right? (/sarcasm)

Well, after seeing this, I'm putting my foot down as both a long time anime fan and anime store owner.

Today and until the end of Cyber Monday...I'll give you all some sort of break for all your hard work.

Here's what I'll do:

  • For all items in stock....any order over $35 (normally >= $100) You get FREE shipping if you live in the US.
  • Not in the US?  Don't worry, I'll cut the shipping charge in half.
  • For pre-orders, I'll beat out or equal that other anime store's price (something I do anyways for those who ask...but now I'm leaving that out in the open.)
What you need to do to get this discount?
  •  Shop at any of my anime store branches: the main CAS store, ebay, or amazon
  • After your order or before you place it, go to twitter.com and tweet "#ChucksAnimeShrine"
  • Don't care for twitter or don't have an account? Post something positive about the store aspect of this site on your Wall in facebook, myspace, or your own blog.  
  • Don't care to do that?...post you want the discount in the comments below..if you are signed in, I'll have a better idea who you are...if you are anonymous..just post what you bought and I'll find you in the records (and keep you an anon)
  • I'll then make sure you are refunded your discounted shipping or I'll email you a discounted invoice in Paypal.
This is a special deal for everyone who reads this blog or follows me on twitter (or on facebook)..and a thank you of course ^_^.

Hope this gets rid of those Why-Did-I-Have-To-Work-Black-Friday blues.

(ps: I will get back to regular blogs soon...not just anime figure and store stuff ^^;;...and that profile page for the artists who did the banners ^^;;..so sorry I haven't done that yet guys)

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