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Friday, September 10, 2010

#FanServiceFriday 9/10/10 HOTD

Another week has gone by with me being quiet on the blog and for site updates ^^;;  Just to give you a treat (and show I'm still here), here's a little High School Of The Dead image for you all to gander at.  This series is bloody, scary, ecchi and good.  Its one of the few series I'm keeping track of from episode to episode as it gets aired in Japan.  Sadly, due to America being a bit slow and the whole licensing process basically being nothing but a large mafia scheme...expect this to not hit our shores for a least another year -_- 

Halloween isn't too far away so if you want to get that whole zombie apocalypse scare (but in anime form), keep your eye out for this one.

and to see why I'm taking so darn long to update he site.....
..yeah, that's a fraction of what I need to ship out this weekend ^^;; Business has been doing good..just busy as heck ^^;;  Anime sanctuary pages, banner artist page and other stuff in due time.

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