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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anime Figure Shipments

Well, it has finally happened, the anime store part of this site has gotten so big, that the inventory is just bursting a the seams at my home location ^^;;  So what do you do when your shipping room is full of anime figures, manga, Blu Rays and cosplay items with more on the way? No, I can't keep them all (though tempting)  The solution I've decided was to rent some warehouse space..but not just any space, Amazon.com warehouse space.

As of today I have started to integrate my items to Fulfillment By Amazon, aka (FBA) What FBA is, that I stock my store the way I always have, but then I send the items in bulk to a warehouse (seems to be one located in Kentucky) for the good people over at Amazon.com to shipout for me.  I'm not the first anime store owner to do this....old buddy Robert  has been doing this for a while ^^; Ok, well Robert isn't a buddy per se, I visited his site back in the day before he turned it into a store and from the looks of his color scheme...he's visited mine...his had more of an ANN look to it back in the day if I remember ^^;

as of now, only one product is being shipped this way.. the Reina Soho Witchblade figure...but in due time ALL items will be shipped this way AND I plan on automating the inventory + having my suppliers just send directly to the warehouse, thus helping me reach the goal of $250,000+ in anime sales next year or two and...better yet..allow me to not be tied down to one location to go visit Japan (and locals) while working!!

Check out the details about FB for my site here.

This was just yesterday's haul from one of my suppliers ^^;;

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