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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day


 In complete protest of religious idiocy, terrorism, crimes against women, stupidity, the banning of parts of a South Park episode and for the loved ones my friends lost on 9-11...I present my entry in Everybody Draws Mohammed Day!

Listen, I'm not against religion nor if you are indeed a good Muslim (despite popular opinion and the acts of a good chunk of the ones who go public...they DO exist),  you can believe in magical cupcakes for all I care.."to each his own" as the statements says. Hey, us anime fans would love to believe that magical transforming girls are real and I can't tell you how many times I wish I could shoot a Kamehameha or equivalent energy blast from my hands to protect loved ones and undo some wrongs in the world.

What I'm saying is that we anime fans follow some pretty interesting/odd stuff and would love to live in a world that some of it is true.  One might say that us anime fans are a religion of Japan, martial arts and well-done art fanatics...but their is a line between beliefs and forcing those beliefs on others.  We don't go around saying "you MUST believe in Goku or burn in hell!" akin to what Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam are long guilty of.  Laws aren't based around our obsession with anime.  We don't endorse laws saying "You MUST read manga on Friday nights or go to jail/get fined" Yet, last I checked....the Christian religious nuts on this part of the world still have a law in Tennessee that states it's illegal for a woman to buy a hat..without her husband's permission.  I cringe at the stupidity of seeing women having to wear burkas and any subjugation or embarrassment of women.  Places like Turkey, practically the rest of the Mideast and India still have this ridiculous "women are less than men" mentality with forced marriages where the men are the main factors of these life changing decisions. I won't go into the fact that since these arranged marriages usually involve "almost" relatives... it's creating a huge amount of genetic deformities (particularly in the more populated and conservative parts of India) ..for god's sakes... marry someone a bit different than you..it only makes for a healthier future generation!

Ok, I'm going a bit off track here but what I'm saying is that this is the modern age and for humanity to move forward, we have to stop letting religious stupidity hinder civil rights, expression and science.  If you are say, a Scientologist who believes in ancient aliens.. "to each his own"..just don't create a pyramid scam, mafia system that's out there to grow and gain followers forcefully (a sad truth to that religion).
 The main point I'm getting at is that religion should take a note from us anime fans.  Keep your stuff out of politics and out of laws.  Keep it to your group and do things for the public, for the sake of being good.  Don't be like the church that goes to a poor country, feeds the hungry...then shoves a bible in their faces to "save the heathens"  We anime fans have our conventions, our rabid fans, and our sense of differentiation and identity from the rest of the world.  It's ok to be part of a group that thinks alike, we humans are social beings and it's better for our health to be with like minded people, but radicals like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Pat Robertson, Hilter, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Osama Bin Ladin represent or have represented the worst of our humanity on each angle and should never be followed/ taken seriously.  One could argue from historical records that Mohammad was simply a rich guy with all the time in the world and while on an opium high, thought of the Qu'ran as the divine "second edition" of the Christian Bible..which in itself is just a rehash of every previous religion.  Heck, when ever in humanity's history have popular dogmas, trends, stories, shows, fads NOT been from some pre-existing item created from another.  If you adore the guy, great...just learn to take a joke.

To all of those who oppose basic freedom, expression..SCREW YOU!!  The new world order of the internet community won't take such crimes against humanity..anymore!

also...learn to take a harmless joke.. such as this post.

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