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Friday, December 11, 2009

Member's Anime Blog Update - Google Wave Invites

I see that finally after a long time, there is some movement in the Member's Blog. Thank you all who are starting to write there. Over time I will link up the member posts with their relevant topic sites. For example, the anime figures page will have member's posts about figures as well to help gain more exposure and make it worth it to post here.

The contest for the Free Nendoroid Kureha Figure is still going due to the long time it took to get even just these few posts. Once enough people post (~10+), I'll do the very hard task of choosing the winner. I'll also sweeten the deal by giving out Google Wave invites to all those who post. Not sure if Google Wave is really that hard to get now but either way, I'll add that for all who post on the blog.

Also, the member's rules got updated a bit. You CAN link to ecchi/sexy anime sites but be sure to warn people of the links and you can write a post as big as you want and post a good amount of images too. I can use the "fullpost html span" trick to shorten the post on the main blog/archives screen or eventually have it automated; so blog to your heart's content ^_^

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