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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Otaku Energy Drinks

Ok, admit it, we all drink energy drinks. Some of us (me) drink them like coffee. I have sampled many of the multitude of drinks out there. Most of course are simply liquid sugar with Taurine and caffeine. Many of us love these sugary drinks and some of them come in versions that us anime/video game fans love. As you see in the image there's the Domo drink and the Naruto drink and not pictured is the DBZ Super Saiyan drink I blogged about a while ago. For too long I didn't stock any one of them, but today that has changed. Eventually I will stock the array of drinks with our favorite characters slapped on it but since late 2004...I've actually been selling energy drinks with XS Energy Drink ^^;;, the drink some of you might have seen in the hands of the Orlando Magic during the last NBA Finals. Reason for the long wait was because it was one of those deals where I couldn't sell beyond person-to-person, but since I own my anime store here as a legal business entity, I have the rights to add them to the online store.

Just take a glance on over at the store and you will see a few of the many flavors they have (yes an energy drink that actually has more than citrus and sorta-still-citrus flavors)... like green tea and cherry cola. These aren't the sugar filled guys and they were the first healthy (but taste very good) energy drinks that started around 2001-2002.  They are mainly drop shipped to save people on the shipping plus orders of them netting $75 is actually free shipping. Doesn't mean I won't have them on hand too, to accommodate those wary of drop shipping.

Anyways, before I make this post seem too much like an ad ^^;;, just check the new energy drink section out yourself and you can always ask me questions on them; back a few years ago I was practically an expert on them.

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