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Monday, September 28, 2009

MOFILM Fan Ad Competition (Contest Winners Shown)

Here are the winners of this contest:

First place winner: "stop ignoring your skin" by Jeff Gill

Second place runner up: "Busy Life Healthy Skin" by Adam Montoya

Third place runner up: "Vaseline" by Alexandria Jackson

Are you an aspiring movie maker? I know many of us anime fans are if AMVs are any hint of it. Well, got some cool news to share to you from my friends over at RocketXL and MOFILM.
Some of you might know about the Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival that's in October. MOFILM and Vaseline want you to possibly win a trip to the Film Festival as well as get a hold of $10,000. Here's the details:

"Vaseline MEN has forged an exciting partnership with MOFILM, a pioneer in sourcing user-generated content, for the "Make an Ad" Competition which offers aspiring filmmakers the chance to submit a film by October 5 for the chance to win these amazing prizes:

- 1st Place prize is US $10,000 and a trip for two people to attend this year's London Film Festival, including airfare and lodging! - 2nd Prize: US $500 - 3rd Prize: US $500

Vaseline has created a creative brief around its Vaseline MEN Fast Absorbing Body & Face lotion that it is uniquely designed to fortify men's skin to make it stronger and more resilient, in just :15 seconds a day. Interested participants can download the creative brief, already available, at the MOFILM website http://www.mofilm.com/competitions/lff2009/terms to create a 90-second advertisement on the brief and upload it to the MOFILM website before the closing date of October 5.

The competition is open to anyone over the age of 16, with awards and prizes to be selected by a brand representatives and a distinguished group of independent judges.

You can also follow @MOFILMvaseline on Twitter for updates from Vaseline MEN and can tweet any questions about the brief or program directly to the brand."

Check this out guys. Who knows, your clip might be the one to win..just don't do the AMV route and put copyrighted material ^^;;

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