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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anime Pic of the Day 7/30/09

Heading into the dog days of summer and finally this year we are actually getting summer weather here in New York. The anime business has been heating up for me as well (thus explains some of my blogging absence ^^;;). It doesn't help that my p/t job is still thorn in my side and is continuing to dig just as deep as it did before I almost quit last year. Anyways, with the business starting to do well again, I'm going to put up a contest by next week. This time I promise. Been waaaay too long since the last contest and I've also keep saying "another one is coming". So by some time next week, there will be a contest and hopefully more good stuff here on the site. As for now, enjoy this great anime pic.


  1. Can't wait to try and win some good. Maybe Ill get the itch and have to buy more, and more!

  2. uh oh..you've found my plan 0_o...j/k ^^;;


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