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Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Smile Company ActSta Figures

Hijacked this great bit of figure news from Danny Choo's post as well as the Mikatan Blog yesterday. Big news if you are into articulated figures or, like me, love the detail and effort in Good Smile company anime figures. The upcoming actsSta line, actSta being short for "action, actor, active statue" is in a sense, larger Figma figures. These figures will be at around 1/8th scale and fully articulated and as you see from the photos, in par with the quality you'd expect from GSC. These will most likely be a part of my store and my personal collection as well.

Not sure yet of the release date for these but the latest figures on the production line (as of this post) don't come out till late November 09, so most likely a December/January 2009/2010 release in Japan..which means late Feb or March in the US -_- Don't hold me to that, but with my 3 years experience as a anime figure dealer...it's probably in that ballpark.


  1. Heheh, I notice Subaru has her double gauntlets on this figure. Can't wait to get her into a Hell and Heaven pose for even more GaoGaiGar goodness XD

    Still, hope she gets released in figma scale eventually, it'll be odd having her tower over Nanoha and the others...

  2. Very true and when they make Haruhi ones, they'll be towering over my poor Mikuru figma as well ^^;;


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