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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blood, The Last Vampire Movie

Let's face it, Hollywood has it out for the anime genre. The success of the comics to movies made many in Hollywood raise a few eyebrows along with their bank accounts. Sadly for them
...and us, anime is a whole other beast and the formula doesn't work so well for the US movie makers. Just look at how Dragon Ball Evolution, Speed Racer and others not only bombed in the box office, but offended us anime fans to the core. Only Transformers has created an appreciated showing of a classic anime series.

Anime is not men in tights with lackluster storylines that you can build a Hollywood movie around. To turn the storyline of an American comic into a cool blockbuster movie is child's play for any movie writer since they are so simple to begin with. Anime has more depth and life to their stories. The fandom runs deeper even if a series is no where near the age of say an X-Men comic.

We anime fans are continually faced with disbelief and anger with the notion of some of the anime-to Hollywood movies to come. The Cowboy Bebop movie with Keenu Reeves set to play Spike, the Steven Spielberg acquisition to rights for a Ghost in the Shell movie and the planned Akira movie by Leonardo DiCapro's production studio is enough to give us heart burn. Add that to the recent news of Death Note getting a US movie made by Warner Bros. (yes they
seemed to have ignored the 3 very successful Japanese live action Death Note films) and you have to take a whole lot of Tums to cure that indigestion.

Well, there is hope for us . There is some light at the end of this Hollywood-induced dark tunnel. Even better than the second Transformers movie we have the Hollywood rendition of Blood, The Last Vampire to look forward to. A sight for sore eyes as this looks to be the Anime-to-movie creation that we can be proud of. Not only is the movie set to match up with the Manga almost perfectly, the producers realized the simple fact that the main character, Saya, will actually be played by an asian actress (Gianna Jun) who looks just like her. Once you see who's making the movie (the producers of both Heros and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), it then comes to no surprise why we'll finally see a movie true to the spirit of an anime, violence, sailor outfit and all ^_^.

I'm going to enjoy this flick. Check out the trailer below...and no, these vampires don't sparkle.


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  2. sorry akhil....your comment was spam. I had to delete it.

  3. Watched the movie online. I am a huge fan of Blood, and Saya is so damn kiss ass that it takes years to mend the wounds she leaves IF you survive. The movie was O.K. Not the best in the world, but certainly not the worst. I give it a 7/10 which is to say SEE THIS MOVIE ASAP! If you like the comics or the anime series you will love this move.


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