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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Final Fantasy VII 7 CG Tifa Lockhart Wallpaper

(2/12/2014 Edit: Here's a few, better wallpapers, these at 1920x1080 )

Here's a little treat for you guys. I came across this amazing photo of Tifa Lockhart. It's how she looked during the Final Fantasy VII game but with the Advent Children graphics. I was only able to find a 400 x 300 pixel image and god knows I wanted it as a wall paper so I photoshoped the pic to add on some more width to it. If anyone is of course able to find a more clearer version of this picture, I'd love to have it. I believe I'm the first to make it a wallpaper and if anyone wants to modify it more go right ahead. This is why I kept it simple. Tifa is by far my favorite character of all time and this image is hopefully a glimpse of what we might see if Square-Enix makes a Final Fantasy VII for PS3. Be sure to click the picture to get the full 1024 x 768 wallpaper. As for those that have a bigger screen, had to go with the still current majority resolution. Check out more of Tifa here.


  1. i'm looking for high resolution version of this picture of tifa as well. yours is alright but i'm using 1680x1050. :-(

  2. a 1680x1050 of this pic would be great. Would love one too since I'll be getting a new computer in the near future.

  3. If you are still looking, here are some higher res photos of this great image. Hopefully you can make a larger wallpaper out of it.

  4. oops, forgot to post the link:


  5. awesome link; the photos on that page will be in the next few blog posts. Thanks for the help ^_^

  6. awesome man!!! thanks for the link!!


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