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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beat Blades Haruka: Narika Sennin [Alter]

Wanted to quickly showcase an anime figure I have currently up for pre-order in the store. This one I'm contemplating on whether to keep for myself as well. It's the newer Alter version of Narika Sennin from the hentai, Beat Blades Haruka. Just loving the design, color and look this will have once I set up a good display. Alter is very, very good at making sure the final product looks like the original concept figure seen here. She's scheduled for a late August, early September 2009 release here in the US. I'll admit, she's a bit pricey, the manufactures aren't giving us anime store owners any slack with the strong yen -_-....I made sure though that she's free shipping for US customers though.

Is she on your wish list?

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