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Thursday, February 12, 2009

New York Comic Con 09

Sorry I'm a few days late. Had over $3000 worth of anime figures to ship since Monday ^^;

Anyways, we came back this weekend from an awesome New York Comic Con. For those of you that were there, the one thing you noticed was how unbelievably packed it was. The economy has nothing on the comic, anime and video game industry since its booming here in New York.

Danielle and I lucked out this time because of the store. We got VIP passes and was able to make good use of Friday. Saturday and Sunday were just nuts and our sanctuary was the Blue Room set up for professionals. Didn't get to meet Seth Green but met with Lou Ferrigno who probably left with a boatload of cash since he was charging for autographs ^^;;

Also loved how I got to check out the gaming booths with games like Sega's MadWorld and others yet to be released ^^.

Below are some pictures from the con. More can be found at the NYCC09 section in the gallery.

If you were at the con, upload your pictures as well to the album. Would love to see some from you guys ^_^

Gotta love my business ^^

Getting the cover of MadWorld signed by the creators

Me in front of the EA photo wall

Wanted to snag a bunch here

Did manage to grab a Zack for Danielle...stocking them soon.

Watching the Dragon Ball Evolution video game demoed at the Namco booth...the movie is bound to be an insult to all Dragon Ball fans though ~_~

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