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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Naruto: Sasuke Orochi Ultimate Chidori Figure

Here's an interesting figure that will be very limited (only 2,000 made). Any fans of Sasuke will like this version of him of course under the full Orochi mode he had during the original Nartuo series. A bit step in price though but are some of you Naruto fans that crazy for this? More images will come if I can snag some when they arrive to the store some time in March or April 09.


  1. How much if I bought from HK?

  2. Well, any package going from New York to Hong Kong will cost at least $35 to ship. Email me at orders@chucksanimeshrine.com and I'll help you out ^_^ Please note that as of this date its still a pre-order item and not in the store yet ^^;

  3. oof too expensive


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