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Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Break

Hi everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates. This holiday season has been a big rush for me. The anime figure biz has been doing great, so great that I have been so busy boxing items even after x-mas has passed. I had as much as 30 items that had to go out in one day @_@. There is a bunch of good things along the way so hopefully I can fill you in on that.

The weekly Idol post (that I just started) will continue next week. I want to put more effort in the posts instead of just placing pics. There is going to be a reason for to lower the "ero" factor for the next few days. The site's hits have been on the rise and as of last week, surpassed the top traffic I had in the summer. In the next month I should be below a 200,000 Alexa rank but that's not the half of it. As soon as today, the site should suddenly get a huge spike in hits. If the site should stay up (and my bandwidth bill should still be ok ^^;). Why this is will be reveiled in good time. Use the twitter updates and charlesgaffney.com as hints.

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