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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dragon Ball Evolution Trailer

Here it is, the second teaser trailer to what is now called Dragon Ball Evolution. Now, if I never ever heard of or saw Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z or GT... I'd look at this trailer and say, "Sick, this looks like a great movie!" Yet, as you guys have seen from my blog posts, the site and my user name across the internet, I'm a big DBZ fan. I just can't imagine what Akira Toriyama is thinking when he sees this. The parts picked look actually ok. Piccolo looks to be greener now but why oh why did they butcher the story? I can understand making a live action version would be tough if you went with the exact story, but even Dragon Ball has its own full length movies that are off the story arch. This isn't even in the same universe as Dragon Ball. Some body please, take the writing staff of this movie and sit them through the DVD box sets of DB, DBZ and GT and make sure they sit there like the chicken has to in Robot Chicken because they need to be taught a hard lesson in Dragon Ball 101.
Thanks to DannyChoo for posting it before me ^^


  1. just testing the comments...BTW..I respect Stephen Chow but this is soooo far off the story.

  2. I guess I'll just have to disregard my experience with anything Dragonball, if I want to watch or enjoy this movie at all...


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