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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Major Store Error @_@

Hey everyone. Just when I thought things were back in gear, this had to hit me. Here's the story, over a few months back there was a hack into the site. It busted the old forum and thus screwed up all the old posts on there. Since then I made the new forum (which is more dead than the old one ~_~;;) Also, at that same time, the same random java code was in many of the .php pages of the store. If any of you are customers of the store or plan to be, no worries at all since this was just apparently a weird counter tool from a stupid site called statun .com. None of your information was taken at all since I use Paypal for payments. Only if Paypal ever gets hacked would there be any need to worry.

As of today, there must have been something still there in the store and of course google had to catch it and mistake the store as an "attack site" In the mean time you can always use the amazon and ebay branches of my store or do special orders by requesting items from either aaaanime.com or yesanime.com. Again, nothing to be worried about...just a big annoyance and I'll be added an SSL certificate to the store pages, just for extra protection...though again all payment info is on Paypal so, it'll be like putting a bullet proof vest on top of armor.

Once this issue is fixed, you should soon see more anime figure posts with links to pre-order or order them. Now excuse me while I burn down statun.com ~_~;;;;;

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