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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dragon Ball Movie WTF?! Moments #1: Goku's Transformation

You know, I was at one point looking forward to the Dragon Ball Movie.  The concept of a Dragon Ball live action with the financial backing of Hollywood could have been such a good thing if done right.  The cast that was set up seemed not too bad of choices in my opinion...lacking a more realistic, more Asian cast, but still sounding well. After this image surfaced and the other aspects of the upcoming movie,  I had to start this new segment aptly called Dragon Ball Movie WTF?! Moments.  Leave it to Fox to mess things up ~_~

This first image is actually the newest WTF moment.  What you are seeing is not some sort of weird Photoshop prank by somebody, but instead real footage from the movie.  This my friends is what Fox's equivalent to Goku's Oozaro transformation looks like.  Rumor has it that the CG needed to create the real Goku oozaro transformation was too much for them.  I understand it takes lots of work to make good CG, but we are in 2008 not 1998. How that can be confused with this below can only be rationally explained if we think that possibly the group of people who first took (and butchered) DBZ are in charge of this one.  

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