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Sunday, October 26, 2008

CAS Version 4.0 is Live

After a long weekend and a rather buggy computer slowing me down, I'd like to introduce you to Chuck's Anime Shrine version 4.0. Now the completed product is still in the works but I'm sure you have noticed the difference here. Here's a list of what is new, what is gone and what's on the way:

-Recreated the whole look of the site to look like... well, a shrine!

-random backgrounds at the top (6 for now)

-a smaller blog address (thanks to redirects)...but the working url is still the same; new blog link shortcut: chucksanimeshrine.com/blog.html

-twitter : you get to see my twitter status, of course I do what you all to do tweets from here as well in the future

-addthis.com button: a simple button for adding posts to a large amount of news, blog sites

-fewer ads

-less cluttered blog

-broader page size

-MobileMe embedded gallery

-Fanart gallery that you can submit your work to

-an idol section; yes, you can now view japanese idols here as well

-anime figure gallery

-anime music section; the same system I have on anime.fm

-new store page that shows all our store branches


-all older sections of the site are in the sitemap for now but will soon be integrated
- "Non-series" pictures are all now part of the anime gallery with new pictures
-all old fanart items will be added soon

On the way:

-If you are viewing this from the home page, I promise it will look nicer and will be more useful than just a text copy of the blog

-more contests: submit your fan-art to the new fan-art section because the best ones will be selected in the next contest and hopefully future ones as well

-more picture submission albums in the gallery

-all the anime series I currently have (not many) will have all their pictures in the gallery soon

-More anime series sections and pictures

-a better amv section, if possible

-this site to appear in Otaku USA (for the store mainly)

Well, there you have it. Version 4.0 is not a 100% but now the stage is set for a more functional site and more content for me to easily add and you all as well. Now I'm off to watch some uncut season one DBZ, I'm beat @_@.

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