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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Anime Fan Dubs

I know, "dubbing" is basically the otaku "f-bomb" and fan dubbing tends to be all the more sinister but lets face it, anime dubbing has gotten better over the past years. With the advent of youtube, fan dubbing has been seen much more. Granted, like AMVs, fan-dubbing is a dime-a-dozen and its sometimes hard to find stuff that you just can't click away from amongst the sea of videos.
Then there is stuff like the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series. It's a very funny, fan-dub with practically all the voices done by the now famous dubber known as Little Kuriboh. If you haven't seen any of his stuff, I provided a few clips below.
As of very recently, he's been guest staring in what has to be yet another very well done fan dubbing series, this one about Dragon Ball Z, also called an Abridged Series. Along with Little Kuriboh, a simply amazing group of dubbers known as TeamFourStar works these parody episodes. Danielle and I can't get enough of this fan-dub and already thousands of otaku have subscribed to their work. The voice of Vegeta, Lanipator sounds exactly like Chris Sabo and like Chris Sabo, he does a good chunk of the voices in the series. The other members of TeamFourStar, KaiserNeko, Takahata101 and the others and along with Little Kuriboh, couldn't be any better of a fan dub team. They really do give the real english dubbers (and writers) a run for their money.

One last thing about anime dubbing. As some of you might know, I was suppose to participate in the Bang Zoom! studio panel at Anime Fest 08 to hopefully get my foot in the door as well as an anime voice actor. That unfortunately was shot down due to the huge, huge crowd the latter two days had. No worries though, as I continue to break free from my job with my anime store, I'll be able to do Flash and dubbing myself to prove myself (please don't use my supposed podcast as an example ^^;, it sucked and wasn't really a podcast) plus I'm still in contact with Bang Zoom and will eventually attend their $300 lessons to get my old chorus voice back and improve my acting since both are a bit rusty. One of the other fellow attendees at Anime Fest 08, AnimeAlmanac was able to do an interview and in-depth report on the class when Bang Zoom did one in NYC not long after the festival. Check out the amazing blog post here and remember, if we american otaku are to get in the anime voice acting biz...its not all fun and games, its an art and must be done right.

TeamFourStar Convention Parody, LOL at last comment xD

First Episode of DBZ Abriged

Can't forget the amazing Yu-Gi-Oh Abrigded Series

LOL at the Beauty and the Beast Parody; f$%king birds! xD

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