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Friday, September 5, 2008

Idol Section Preview

Ok. One thing my site lacks that many anime and otaku sites have is an idol gallery. Now the reason for me not having one all these years is simple, I didn't want to upset my fiancee ^^;;. Now that this site is becoming more and more my bread and butter, the thing I want is a full + diverse site and of course many many hits and lets face it, having Japanese idols on a site...generates hits. I will of course keep things PG-13 and clean. When I set up the new gallery I should have a user updated version of the idol section but if anyone violates that with bad pics (or any section for that matter) their IP address and email will be banned... so let's keep it clean people. You all know where to go if you are looking for those types of pictures anyways. So for the first time on this site, may I present the first Idol pic. Don't know her name but if you do, drop it in the comments.

(Danielle, if you are reading this, I posted these up for the betterment of the site not to ogle over ^^;;;;;;)

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