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Monday, September 15, 2008

Danny Choo on CNN

Check this out everyone. Good friend and blogging role model, Danny Choo just had his own feature story on CNN. It's nice to see a bit on Danny's famous family heritage and of course to see anime and anime figure be in the videos of CNN ^_^. Didn't exactly like how CNN emphasized the word "geek" in their video, though ~_~. Big congrats to Danny. It goes to show how it doesn't matter what your passion is, what matters is that you go for it. You don't have to live in the shadow of your family's expectations to be successful (also great to see Danny's father supportive of him as well). As for me, I started out as a computer programmer (for video games though) but as you all know, I don't want to work for someone else since to me having a job is just like modern-day slavery. Having this site and an anime store has brought out my passion and yes, even more money. For those who were wondering about when my retirement will be from the 9-5 rut, it won'r be this Friday like I wanted to be but very soon. Like Danny, I hope that just the traffic alone from my anime site will also pay for the bills and thus is one of the hopeful goals of version 4.0 of this site. Of course, Danny's hits are through the roof and I'm just a 200/person a day blog for now but I look up to his example as an otaku, business owner and web master as should you all. Congrats again Danny and thanks for showing us otaku that we are part of something big and something we can be passionate about full-time that is fullfilling to our heart, soul and yes..our wallets too, but that of course is a byproduct of the passion, never the main goal.

(Oh and Danny, I promise to make anime.fm alot better, too since it needs some work. I need to make sure its the $15K site godaddy.com says it is ^^;;)

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