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Monday, August 18, 2008

My iPhone

Sorry for the lack of updates. Today's blog and the posts for next few days will to tell you why. As you can see from my shotty photo, I have purchased my iPhone, a 16GB at that with all the fixings; MobileMe and a bunch of apps with of course a cute anime girl as the wallpaper. So far the iPhone has been fine. The only issues would be that the battery power could always be a bit better and ATT's service is very bad near my house...great elsewhere. Odd though, I'm less than a mile away from a cell tower and yet service on my block is well, not great. As for the apps, all of them are great but there really needs to be a Blogger app and I would love an app that could turn your iPhone camera into a video player.

Anyways, the past few days I've been very busy. With the advent of me leaving my job before my 25th BDay (might not be as early as Sept 19th :-/ ) I'm making sure my computer systems are all up to date. On top of getting the iPhone, being the computer scientist that I am, I went and signed up to be an iPhone app developer.
So why should you care? Well, with my MobileMe account and my future programing with the iPhone I do plan on making an app or two for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Also the use of the MobileMe could be great for sharing you otaku some great anime photos, in other words I could very well go back to revamping the old galleries here to make them more Web 2.0. A must for the site now will also be a mobile section that will make it easier for iPhoners to navigate this site. These projects are down the road but it will probably take my retiring from the 9-7 rut to make them a reality. As for that, more in the next post.

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