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Friday, August 1, 2008

Montauk Monster Washes Ashore, Yet The Worst People Supposedly Have It

I know, this isn't exactly anime news but this simply had to be shared before it gets forgotten. Yesterday on the local news there was a report of a demon that washed ashore on Long Island's Montauk Point, roughly 2 hours east of my home. What is being dubbed as the "Montauk Monster," this unknown thing is simply disturbing. At first look somebody can maybe guess it was a dog or something that washed ashore...but look closely and you will see that it has a beak!

Now for a little bit of Long Island knowledge..right offshore, east of Montauk is an island called Plum Island, this island is completely restricted and is known as a government poison and I believe animal testing facility. It could very well be some sort of experiment done there or something. CBS news aired it but was very quick on the story...they said they simply weren't sure what it was and that it could have been a fake but they never stated what happened to the body. It was taken away and that's it!

Anyways, us otaku always watch anime about akuma (demons) and shinigamis so could this very well be a real demon or some unknown creature. What's your take on it?

-Image through google when you search "Montauk Monster"

-Video Below from CNN... don't have audio since I'm at my job computer ^^ so I have no idea what they said on it. I first saw it on CBS yesterday.


  1. Yeah saw this on the news today... that animal is really strange... they were saying it might be a "Dog with an odd nasal cavity..."
    What about the beak and the flippers??
    Any updates?

  2. so far there is just one more picture and that picture makes it look more like a pig but still, unless the thing is made of latex, it is most definitely something different

  3. I've heard that it was a publicity stunt for a new TV show. Either way, I think it is fake.


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