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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Great Anime Gifs Site

Ever look at the bottom right of my pages and wonder what those little anime clips are? Well back when I first started the site back in 2002 I had them on the top left as just some amusement. I kept them on there because, well, I like them. Every time you refresh you'll see a different anime gif. I added a few more to the mix not to long ago so I hope you like them. Many people use them as their avatars on the forums and blogs so snag use them if you'd like. A great site for a whole slew of them is at otakugifs.com. I also would like to make a section full of them too, but until then, I recommend checking out that site. Once I fix the blog to show user's avatars in the comments, I'll hopefuly be able to see some interesting ones.

1 comment:

  1. lots of gifs there but kinda troublesome as one has to click multiple times to view the gifs one by one.

    will be great if they can display them all in one page.


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