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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Second Generation 3G iPhone

Looks as if the 3G iPhone is only a few months away from being in the stores. Not only will i be 3G but its GPS will be better and also looks like Apple dropped the whole metal back thing. I guess I'm glad I have yet to buy an iPhone. Check out its specs at Engadget. (Picture also thanks to Engadget)


  1. GPS can not be "better" as it doesn't currently have a Global Positionning System. It uses wifi signals to position you. Not what is generally refered to as GPS (via satellite).

  2. true, sorry, took notes from Engadget. I thought the first gen had gps or at least something close. The main feature I like is that the internet actually looks like the internet on the phone. Even the high end Blackberrys have a crappy looking internet despite the obvious array of features.


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