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Thursday, March 27, 2008

EA To Transform Their Gaming Market

Some interesting video game news thanks to, of all sites, BusinessWeek. It appears that EA (Electronic Arts) is planning on taking some new approaches in their videogame marketing. It basically appears that they are going to do what many of the Japanese game companies do and spread their new titles to many different forms of entertainment. They urged workers to come up with some new ideas for their games. EA has made some simply great games, of which Skate is currently on my playlist but when it comes to making the games, I'd prefer to work with them and come up with gaming concepts to sell to them rather than work for them. This is due to both the fact that I just can't have a boss over me and let's not forget their track record for giving developers treacherous triple shifts to meet deadline. You sure see the quality in their work though. Hope it works out well and gets the gaming industry yet another year with more sales above the movie industry.

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