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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow and Work Piled up High

Wow, sorry for (yet again) another big gap in blog posts.  This should change (I hope)  as my work load seems to be less.  Here in Selden, Long Island, as some of you might have seen in the news, we got a whopping 20 inches of snow to add on to the snow left over from x-mas.  On top of the snow piling on...my darn day job and as well as the anime figure business sales have been keeping me way too busy.  I'm using this bit of calm right now to let you all know I'm ok, plans that I stated in the last post are going through (slower than I want but surely enough -_-) and I also wanted to make one announcement.  In the coming weeks (in addition to the sections, updates, contests, etc that I've been long promising ^^^;;)  my finacee Danielle is going to have her own section on the site ^_^  She's part Japanese and yes, she's your typical kawaii girl so expect this site to add a little cuteness to the Gar I tend to show here.  Stay tuned...and speaking of snow.. with the snow we got here..I could so make a snow Gundam with all of this.  Snow drifts in my area are almost 5 feet tall, 20+ feet at the supermarket parking lots 0_0  Nothing would scare the Walmart shoppers here like a giant snow Gundam greeting them in......a man could dream...a man could dream.

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