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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mainichi Daily News App (Anime Newspaper from Japan)

I was recently introduced to Mainichi Daily News. Of course I so need to get my knowledge of kanji up to speed but for those of you who can read Japanese kanji and want to read from a Japanese newspaper about anime, manga, games and other goodies straight from the Land of The Raising Sun, then the "Mantanbroad" and "Mantan Collection" iPhone apps might be good additions to your collection. Some artists involved with these apps include:

  • Inomata Mutsumi (Tales of Series)
  •  Kozaki Yusuke 
  • KEI (of Hatsune Miku fame)
  • POP (Moetan)
  • AYAKURA JU (Okami to Koshinryo)

The Mantanbroad is the actual newpaper while the Mantan Collection app is a gallery game and other features.  Search "Mantan" in the app store and you'll find them ^_^

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