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Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Contest: Win Nendoroid Kureha

Finally, after a long, long time I have created a new contest for you, my loyal readers. The prize, the cute and adorable Nendoroid Kureha. Yes, I'm once again taking the time to talk about the Member's Blog section; but hey, it's a cool feature to be able to write your own blog posts and promote your anime blog here...on my blog. Apparently I haven't had anyone ask to be a co-author and promote their otaku life and site here. Also the blogrolling.com blog roll is getting way too long to expose some of your sites correctly so this new section is something I hope can help make my site aid the anime fan community better. Plus...well, this site is slowly creeping to the 100,000 alexa rank and less so things are looking to be on track.

Anyways, here's what you need to do to hopefully get your hands on Kureha:
  • Email me so I can invite you to be a writer on the Member's Blog part of this site.
  • Accept the invitation from google's blogger.com
  • From blogger.com create a blog post showing say, your otaku room, your anime figure collection, why you are into anime or something relating to anime, japan or the like.
  • Just one decent blog post with at least one picture is fine and gets you entered in the contest. Remember to have your blogger profile have a link to your anime site/blog so you can gain good exposure. A link at the end of your blog post is fine....just no spamming and nothing non-related to anime, japan, etc -_- .
  • From then you can blog to your heart's desire about say a new anime figure that came out, etc. really good or interesting posts will be promoted to the main blog, but all you need is one post to get you in the contest..the rest is just extra credit and just helps expose you and your blog. (just no more than say 3 posts a day per user)
  • Of course, please follow the Member's Blog rules and don't post anything beyond PG-13, pornographic, illegal, etc. Violators will be banned -_-
  • One winner will be chosen from the list of guest bloggers on October 3rd 2009 or once around 10 or so guest bloggers post if after the given date.

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