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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Submit Your Anime Fan Art

Got some images you want to submit? Well, as some of you might know, before the recent remake of the website, I had a nice Fanart section and I don't want that to come to an end so...I left a part of the Anime Gallery open for you all.

How to submit:

Go to the "Fan Art" Section of the Anime Gallery and simply choose the "Upload" function.

Follow the walk through instructions and that's it.

I currently use Apple's MobileMe to house the galleries and I'd be glad to see some cool fan art pics.

Please keep the pictures rated no more adult that PG13 though ^^;

As I finally bring back the contests in the coming weeks, who knows...I might randomly select some finalists to win some cool figures ^_^

..oh and the old section is somewhere on the site ^^;; I'll make sure all of you who submitted your fan art over the years get your places in that section as well.

1 comment:

  1. I think the coolest anime is Kaiji where it involves gambling, it's much cooler than deathnote and the usual naruto and bleach. You can try this one too coz it's cool. http://kenji321.mybrute.com it's about fighting games where you don't need to control your players.


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