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Friday, March 13, 2009

Advertise on CAS

Just added a new feature today. For those who want to advertise say their anime con, anime store, video game store, sushi restaurant, etc; you can now do that on the site. The link can be found under the Sponsors section or where you might see this cute pic of Yuki Nagato.

The traffic on my site has been on the rise over the past year. I was thinking of doing what otaku guru Danny Choo does by selling adspace at a fixed rate, but my site has yet to even reach half the views he has ^^; (Danny gets about 10 or so million unique visitors a month and his ad prices are actually really good for that kind of exposure..so check it out if you can as well)

Currently, as of this date, my average daily unique views are about 2000 with it growing every week (or about 60,000 a month). My alexa ranking is at about 190,000 and about half or more of my traffic comes to the blog here. I'll be posting stats from my webhosts her on this post or on futrue posts...so you guys know exactly how much is coming in.

The ad box is done by projectwonderful.com and instead of giving a flat rate for ads, they let me simply auction off the spot. This makes it fair for any would-be advertisors since you can determine the daily price of your ad. Its starting off free, but won't be that since somebody can out bid you at any time ^^;

Ad info:

Size: 300px x 200px
Prefered ads: anime, game, japan, gadget, otaku related items
(yep, I own an anime store but I don't mind anime store links shown there as well)

For more info and additional terms, check out the the terms and FAQs of http://www.projectwonderful.com

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