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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cloud & Tifa Valentine AMV


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! My fiancee, Danielle just made an AMV that is just perfect for today and I'll admit...its been a long while since I've promoted an AMV ^^; so hopefully the (hate) mail might stop.

There are plenty of FFVII AMVs out there but other than this being done by my fiancee, I thought this was a great overall video. Some of you might remember Danielle's other FFVII AMV but due to its huge popularity and since the music industry loves to protect their extra deep pockets without realizing AMVs are actually free ads for their artists..the video was booted ~_~

If you don't have a Valentine or lost yours today, don't fret since the time will come and some of you probably like the single life.

The song is a more modern version of "You Raise Me Up". Pardon my not knowing the artists. Once I know who sings this version I'll give credit of course where credit is due.

Enjoy..and don't eat too many sweets.


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