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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dragon Ball Z Movie: 14

As promised I told you that I'd pass on some amazingly good news if you are a Dragon Ball Z fan and if you are completely disgusted about the direction of 2009's Dragon Ball Movie. As the blog title says, there will be a 14th Dragon Ball Z animated movie! Granted there was a few movies made after movie 13 but none of them had anything to do with the Dragon Ball Z arch in the story. Named Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! This brand new project coming from the creator himself, Akira Toriyama takes place right after the death of evil Majin Boo, the gap between DBZ and GT. I know many fans complained about the ending of Dragon Ball Z and how it just ended with Goku training Boo's reincarnation. I didn't mind it much and with the enormous work Akira Toriyama put into all his work...you want to give the guy a break. Otaku most likely will go nuts to hear that the story revolves around yet another unknown Saiyan named Tāburu who actually looks very, very much like he could be Vegeta's kid, so Trunks might have a half-brother. Tāburu is pursued to earth by two aliens named Abo and Kado but other than that, nothing else is really known about the plot. It comes out in November in Japan so we'll hear more of it soon. This hopefully will help those who fell off their chair to see Fox's white Piccolo ^^;;


  1. OMG, A new DBZ movie?! YAAAAAAYY!! It's about time for more DBZ, even though ended 12 years ago, along with 20-ish video games. But if they could spare the (opening) animation for the games, they should use what they can for a new anime. :P But anyway, I'm a very happy Jump fan right now. :D


  3. I'm one of the BIGEST top 10 fans of DBZ!!!!!!!! After the ridicules, Horrible, Stupid, and a shaming FOX DBZ movie, I think it is great for this new movie to be release. I've seen it in subs and it is a good anime comeback. I gave it a 999999999999999 compare to the FOX movie….


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