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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

California Museum Embraces Anime

I'm so glad to see that us otaku are getting our just deserts here in the US. On Aug 15th California's Napa Valley Museum will have an exhibit dedicated to anime! Rightfully called "Manga & Anime: An Exhibition of Popular Cartoon Art", the exhibit goes on most of Friday. Finally, we can go into a museum and see something that is honestly art. I'm sorry but lets be honest, most of the time we go into a museum and see contemporary "art" we have to tilt our heads like a confused pug and state "WTF? This is art? This mess is worth a few million?"
Unfortunately being in New York I'll still have to deal with the arty-fartsy-western-style crap that actually might be feces on a canvas since to some... it is "art". If I wish to waste an afternoon and a train ticket to the city to see crap..I'll just stay on the train.

Anyways, forgive my harshness to western style "art" and if you live in California, check out some real art at the "Manga & Anime: An Exhibition of Popular Cartoon Art."

News thanks to Anime News Network

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