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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vanessa Mae, The Ultimate Violin Player

My lovely fiancee Danielle recently showed me the works of the lady you see above; Vanessa Mae. Couldn't go without blogging about this extremely talented violinist. Many of you probably already know her and don't need an intro from me. Her music is a stunning mix of fast violin playing and techno music. People who are familiar with my AMVs know Euro techno is my music of choice (Right now di.fm's Euro Dance stream is blazing in my room.) So I simply love this stuff.
Many of you otaku will appreciate this so I placed a video of hers below via youtube and user paganini123. Vanessa worked on the music for Disney's Mulan along with many other gigs. For those otaku who don't know, she also did the Sailor Moon Medley which I bet is now running through your head. Check out her other videos too; unlike many techno song videos which just beg us to make AMVs since they are so horrible, hers are just as artistic as the music played....but an AMV done by me of one of these songs may be a possibility ^_~.

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